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Serving sustainability, dish by dish

Our 4 step quality process

  • We identify

    innovative packaging alternatives to give you more choice.

  • We screen

    own-brand products to ensure high quality, food safety and minimized environmental impact.

  • We test

    interesting innovations and gather insights from restaurants and customers for improvements.

  • We scale

    these innovations so all our restaurant partners and customers benefit no matter where they are.

Our ambition to grow responsibly would not be complete without sustainable packaging.

That’s why we actively support you, our restaurant partners, by offering packaging solutions that meet your needs and have a lower impact on the environment.

We do this by following a careful 4 step process that ensures our own-brand packaging and disposables are always sustainable, durable and of the highest-quality.

Defining sustainable packaging

  • Food Safe

    All our packaging meets European regulation to be food and food contact safe.

  • No harmful chemicals

    Our own-brand range is screened for 64 different types of chemicals, including PFASs and harmful inks and dyes.

  • Recyclable or compostable

    We help reduce the waste that ends up in the sea and landfills by offering recyclable or compostable packaging and disposables.

  • No plastic or bioplastic

    Our packaging range does not contain plastic or bioplastic

Our packaging and disposables range covers the essentials you need for your meals.

In our Partner Webshop you can find our selection of products that are simply kinder to the environment. Our range includes:

Frequently asked questions about Just Eats' sustainable packaging range


One example of introducing innovative packaging that meets our requirements: Is our partnership with Notpla

Seaweed packaging exclusively on the Just Eat Partner Webshop